The INFINITI is the next big leap forward in the evolution of aquarium lighting - a completely new generation of pendant lighting which offers you all the latest innovations in lighting technology.


The INFINITI combines the intensity and glitter lines of metal halide lighting with the power and colour of multiple T5 tubes - up to four which can be switched in pairs to allow a natural daily increase and degrease in light intensity.


The lamp body of the INFINITI is made from a high-quality aluminium and magnesium alloy which allows the design of a wide reflector surface whilst significantly reducing the overall weight of the lamp at the same time. The shape of the lamp body offers the optimal positioning and light distribution for both the T-5 lamps and the HQI bulbs.


With wide, deep positioned reflectors, the INFINITI has excellent antiglare properties, making it an ideal light to be viewed from any position. 



The maximum light performance is achieved by the use of the latest reflector technology. The combination of a high gloss finished reflector of 99.8% purest aluminium with CAD-designed light distribution gives the ultimate in reflectance and is revolutionary in the illumination of aquariums.