Aluminium itself enjoys a high-quality perception. Especially in living quarters the material not only favoured for its expensive appearance but also for its long life. When developing the STRATOS abnd SPHERA system we paid great attention to the lighting performance. This is often not considered when designing covered aquariums.

With the STRATOS hood system, GIESEMANN Lichttechnik now offers a great opportunity to fit your aquarium perfectly into your home. The cover is available in different sizes. One main feature is a lid made from several ribs, which can all be opened individually and therefore makes cleaning inside the aquarium a lot easier. In the back of the lid you find large openings where you can run pipes and cables. The inside of the covers also have enough space for other equipment. The SPHERA has a middle section carrying the light bars, as well as generous cover plates with silver surfaces.

Our covers are either already equipped with the splash protected RAZOR T-5 light bars or the new PULZAR LED module.