…. with lighting that brings everything into harmony - the daylight, the environment, the water, the plants, the people and above all the fish, allowing them to live within a world of light very similar to natural sunlight.


Dive into the water and sense a new underwater world where all of the colours look more intense. Watch your plants and corals grow much healthier because GIESEMANN Lichttechnik has designed the perfect light for your aquarium, taking into account the right intensity, colour and spectral composition.


Light is life – and optimum light in the correct intensity, hue and spectral composition is a precondition for plant and coral growth. Optimally enhanced light also intensifies the natural colours of your fish. So aquarium lights from Giesemann are the perfect addition to your underwater world. The clear design, the advanced technology, and the individual options and shapes combine to ensure that not only your aquarium is seen in a favourable light.


GIESEMANN provide a variety of ideal environments and concentrate on meeting the highest demands in the design of lighting for saltwater and fresh-water aquariums as well as terrariums. Select below the desired type of luminaire.