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As a leader in the field of lighting technology for aquariums and terrariums and their bulbs GIESEMANN is known for years all over the world.

Proven and extremely strong metal halide or T-5 lighting including systems as INFINITI or SPECTRA up to MOONLIGHT DIMTEC as well as new developments in LED technology: an overview of all aspects of aquarium lighting, including the associated lamps, see the section LIGHT.




In our own furniture factory, we produce high-end auqarium systems with quality design and all sorts of interesting technical details. Fine materials such as glass, aluminum or high glossy polished wood surfaces with a perfect finish also refine your living space.




As a manufacturer of sophisticated aquaristic products we have of course constantly evolving. Meanwhile, we are complete system provider of high-quality aquarium technology with its own claim to include the latest technologies into our products. The section EQUIPMENT shows Computer and controls for your aquarium, as well as aquarium cooler, an extensive program for water treatment and other accessories.






Development of exceptional quality

At GIESEMANN you´ll find the very best aquarium technology, which is characterized by exceptional quality of workmanship, design, and engineering. Our products are continuosly further developed and optimized - this impressively shows the new MATRIXX II, which brings out a maximum out of proven T-5 technology at minimal dimensions of its ultra-slim design body. 



Leading through innovation 

The latest innovations in lighting technology find their way from our labs, through long-term testing in professional aquariums and finally in the serial production of our current lights. In this way, for example, also our latest LED lights TESZLA and FUTURA already have a completely mature technology. Benefit from our know-how and the resulting advantage, for example, with the world's first aquarium light which is controlled by Bluetooth - the most secure wireless connection - directly from your tablet or computer.  


Leaving nothing to chance

Both for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and for terrariums, we offer different options for optimal lighting and the highest claim of excellent design. The lighting systems, perfectly shaped aquarium covers or computer-based lighting controls - all GIESEMANN products are shaped by our passion to develop and build aquarium technology, which is enthusiastic and always setting new standards.